Shire of Earngyld
The Shire of Earngyld is the Juneau, Alaska branch
of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA),
which is a Medieval and Renaissance
reenactment group.  We are a member of the
Prinicpality of Oertha and the Kingdom of the West.

Much on this website is being written for those who
are new to the SCA, to help you find the information
you need to get as involved as you want as quickly
as you are able.  Please contact one of the officers
if we can be of assistance.  We were all new once!
At-a-Glance Info
We are working on a new website.  Please be
patient, as we will not be updating this website
as often while developing the new one.

Upcoming Events
Yule - December 30

Upcoming Demos
The next one scheduled is the Sandy Beach demo
on July 4th.

Next Business Meeting
January 12, 6:00 pm, location TBD

Next Arts and Sciences Class
We are working on dance practices.  We have a
location, but need to know who can be there which
nights.  Please contact
Elisa if you are interested
in attending.

Next Fighter Practice
Practices are held on Thursday nights from 6:00 to
8:00 at Riverbend Elementary School.

For more information,
check the calendar.

Click here for contact information
Seneschal - Aneria verch Thomas

Deputy Seneschal for the Northern
Reaches of Earngyld - Rahl Shumann

Other Deputy Senechals - Ciaran
Blackthorn, Elisa von Sophey

Exchequer - Eduard Theobolt

Constable - Hagar MacAndrew

Marshal - Karl Helweg

Heavy Marshal - Karl Helweg

Target Archery Marshal - Elisa von

Combat Archery Marshal - Elisa von

Rapier Marshal - Eduard Theobolt

Senior Heavy Weapons Marshal-at-
Large - Alberic Haak

Iron Key - Karl Helweg

Herald-at-Large - Alberic Haak

Chatelaine - Mary of the White Wolves

Gold Key - vacant

Arts and Sciences - Elisa von Sophey

Chiurgeon - Aneria verch Thomas

Chronicler - vacant

Web Minister - Irial Blackthorn
This is the recognized website
for the Shire of Earngyld of the
Society for Creative
Anachronism, Inc. and is
maintained by Elisa von
Sophey. This site may contain
electronic versions of the
group's governing documents.
Any discrepancies between the
electronic version of any
information on this site and the
printed version that is available
from the originating office will
be decided in favor of the
printed version.

Copyright © 2012 Shire of
Earngyld. The original
contributors retain the
copyright of certain portions of
this site.

For information on using
photographs, articles, or
artwork from this website,
contact the web
minister. She will assist you in
contacting the original creator
of the piece. Please respect
the legal rights of our
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